Georges Rouault


1871 - 1956


Boat with the Pink Sail



Oil on paper laid down on canvas; stamped on the verso canvas with the studio mark.

7.5 x 4.75 inches;  19 x 12 cms.

Provenance:  The Estate of the Artist.
                     Private collection.


This relates to Rouault’s paintings which portray ‘Christ on the Lake’; also to the woodcut  in Passion [P. 86] reproduced below. 




The machine invades the earth and the sky. It reaches down into the depths of the sea and even into the desert without fear of troubling the morning air. Life becomes ever faster without even the time to sigh at the moment of dying. In this mechanical age, is not Art sometimes the miracle.

A scholar once said, ‘There is no longer any mystery. One can be very learned and at the same time, very stupid.’ In the spiritual spheres where the artist ventures, all is mysterious. But there prevails an order of greater truth than that of the man in charge of weights and measures.

One does not enter tradition as one would a bus. More secret affinities are needed. Art is the hidden spring, the oasis in the desert. In these favourable times, we believe we have arrived at the point of knowing everything while completely ignoring the essential which is love of all beauty, whether visible or hidden.

‘Rouault sur l’Art et sur la Vie’


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